Orchestral, Electronic, Choral, Folk, Jazz, Funk, Samba, Classical, Avant Garde, Salsa, Indie,  Dance, Theatre, Film, Television...
Composer & Arranger
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My early route to composition was through piano improvisation or in the words of my teacher at the time “messing around and not doing pieces and scales”. It took some time and encouragement to write down these ideas which later formed into pieces.
Through further and higher education my writing skills developed and in the final year of my degree in Nottingham I specialised in Music Composition and Performance.  
In 2002 I moved down to Bristol to study MA in the composition of music for Film and Television, which offered the real experience of working with student Directors, Producers, Editors, Script Writers etc. The final film “For A Few Tickets More” with music composed, recorded and engineered by myself was then showcased at the Watershed Bristol.
I continue to compose and arrange music for films, documentaries and bands and ensembles.